Have Questions?
Purchasing a home isn't an everyday process - no shame in asking as many questions as you need to. Our team is here to successfully guide you all along the way. FAQ Page


Do I have to find a home on your site?
Not at all. You can search Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, or any platform out there that has homes for sale in California. Once you know which house you want, submit an offer for it through Hello Home Real Estate and our agents will guide you through the rest of the process. Before you know it, you’ll be on your way to owning a new home and you’ll receive a refund to go along with it.
Is Hello Home a licensed brokerage?
Yes - we’re a brokerage licensed in the state of California and each of our agents are here to answer your questions, prepare your purchase contracts, and assist you as needed during the home-buying process.
How do I get help when buying a home?
Our team is available for you. Reach out at anytime during the process and we’ll guide you with a clear view on the necessary steps to bring a deal to closure. We’re excited to help you get set up in your new home and are ready to help you navigate the home-buying process.
How do I get my refund?
When the sale is complete, half of the buyer’s agent commission (paid to us from the seller via the escrow and loan officers) will be distributed to you as a rebate via check or it will be applied towards your closing costs. Refunds are subject to lender approval. Furthermore, the IRS has clarified that you do not need to report your refund as “income.”
How does Hello Home make money?
At closing, the seller will pay us the “buyer’s agent commission” - we give you a rebate equal to 50% of the amount of our commission. We use the rest to cover our support and costs throughout your home-buying process.
What is the process if the seller comes back with a counter-offer?
Our agent will work with you throughout this negotiation process providing as much support as you need. You can join us in speaking directly with the listing agent, ask questions, and be fully informed throughout the process.
What does the closing process look like?
Our agents will provide you with a clear timeline indicating all the steps to bring the deal to closure. This includes everything from setting up inspections, appraisals, repair requests, disclosures, and working with the escrow and loan officers to ensure all the bases are covered. If you’re well-versed in this - we’ll stay out of your way. If you’d like some help, we’ll be right there to provide guidance and support!
Is it possible to use a VA or FHA loan?
Absolutely - however, lenders will have to approve the rebate and it's important to speak to your lender up front to understand any details they set forth. Our team is familiar with this and will make sure you’re offer is prepared accordingly for the listing agent / seller to consider.
How are closing costs handled?
These can vary by region but our team will provide you with an accurate estimate of closing costs when you make an offer. Additionally, your lender is required to provide an estimate of closing costs with supporting details.
Does Hello Home also help with buying new construction homes? Does the rebate apply?
Yes - you can certainly buy a new construction home with Hello Home and you will get a rebate. We’ll register our agent with the builder at the start but after that the process is the same.
What if my offer is not accepted?
Not a problem. You don’t owe any money and our agent will discuss ideas with you to improve likelihood of acceptance if you decide to try again.

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